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Your Website – QuickCheck

As a biopharmaceutical company doing outstanding pioneering work in research and development, your professional expertise is currently in conflict with the appearance of your website. Especially in your current search for new employees or the acquisition of new customers*, the online presence of your company plays a central role.

We have carried out a “QuickCheck” of your website for you and summarized some important points below. We at ehlers//kohfeld passionately combine design with innovative technologies and support many medium-sized companies in redesigning and implementing their websites. For more in-depth technology requirements in IT (platforms, app development, etc.), we work closely with CLINET Platform GmbH in the healthcare sector.

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First Impression – “Look and Feel”

The length of time visitors stay on your website is determined in the first few seconds on the start page. It is important to arouse interest in your company through attractive design elements with strong recognition in images and text. Here you score points due to the large images and the emphasis on your central topics. However, the appearance of other content areas falls off sharply – for example, the design of the “News”, “About us” or a missing Career/Jobs area.

Some suggestions for improvement:

  • Integrate more images also in the subpages (key visuals)
  • Use more teaser texts, boxes, CTAs
  • Optimize text structure with speaking headlines, subheadlines, teaser texts and line length
  • Design news clearly and attractively – more pictures, date, clear archive
  • Optimize mobile view
  • If necessary new menu navigation with modern design
  • There is currently no career/job section? Especially for the recruiting area, a website can make a big contribution: Employers introduce themselves, application forms, job postings, links to other HR platforms, etc.

Appearance, Design and Brand

A well designed corporate design is the foundation for a strong brand (branding). The definition of colors, shapes, images and fonts gives your customers* the opportunity to recognize your company and to build a relationship with you.

Our suggestions for improvement:

  • Create a strong branding for your company
  • Develop a uniform corporate design with logo, icons, claims and fonts
  • We create key visuals also with people because that’s what human healthcare is about
  • Develop a good text structure
  • Present your portfolio and profile more clearly
  • Create a deeper information structure – more content
  • Logo: It’s good that you use a corporate color and that this color is also reflected in the logo – from our professional point of view, the design of the logo still has room for improvement, also concerning functionalities. The goal would be to create a uniform image with strong recognition and a confident look of font and icon.

Due to the weak layout and design in many areas of the website, the “soul” of your company is hardly noticeable. The use of more images would contribute to a necessary emotionalization of the visitors. Without images, the impression of a large text-heavy website results in the deterrence of most visitors.

Usability and Customer Journey

For good and long-term customer loyalty, the experience of the visitors on your website is important. Besides design, usability, functionality and a technically up-to-date implementation are important factors for winning customers and employees.

Our suggestions for improvement:

  • Optimize view on mobile devices
  • Integrate a more modern menu navigation if necessary
  • Formulate “speaking” headings
  • Integrate image material that supports or emotionalizes the information
  • Use moving images and animations – could be especially helpful in presenting your solution or product

Your editorial system (CMS) Joomla is rather outdated and does not correspond to the current technical possibilities.

Online Marketing/Search Engine Optimization

A visually and contentwise attractive website also includes regular maintenance of your content. To ensure visibility it is necessary to implement SEO as well as online marketing measures.

Our suggestions for improvement:

  • Keyword analysis and appropriate integration
  • Integrate description texts
  • H1 and H2 and CopyText better structured
  • Define metadata
  • Optimize mobile Website – if necessary mobile-first
  • Regular content maintenance (e.g. news)
  • More backlinks
  • Integration and networking with social media


In summary, we advise you to update your website to the current state of the art. We see a lot of potential in improving your site so it can meet the expectations of your target group. Especially concerning the acquisition of employees and the acquisition of new customers, your website does not yet seem to fulfill the expertise of your company.

As a full-service agency, we offer you a comprehensive package including the development of an appealing corporate design and the technical implementation with an up-to-date Content-Management-System. Also, we provide regular support for your online marketing and SEO measures as well as security support.

We look forward to implementing this project together with you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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